Terrina McCormick

    Minister of Music and Youth


    Terrina has served Macedonia since 1994.  She is a talented musician and has a heart for reaching youth.  She has been in youth ministry for 25 years.  Her husband, Bobby, joins her in working with the teens.  They want to be involved in teen's lives beyond the church doors so that they can encourage them to follow God in every aspect of their lives.  God has also given Terrina a desire for worship through music.  As a child, she began singing within her home church and then followed God's calling to a music ministry.  She traveled for a while giving Christian concerts and leading in worship for different youth events.  She wants to encourage others to express their praises for God through music.

    Terrina and her husband, Bobby, live in Newnan with their two dogs.  She loves to read (mysteries and Star Wars fiction are her favorites) and she loves to cook (the Food Network is usually on).